Spoiler Alert: Plans For CameraFTP

If you are following CameraFTP’s growth with great anticipation, and are worried of any spoilers of what’s to come – you should stop reading right about now. For the past two years since its birth, CameraFTP has revolutionized the way many consumers think about cloud surveillance. Most of these surveillance/monitoring services have neither the ease, flexibility, or price to serve as a true solution to consumers. Standard surveillance offerings from ADT, Comcast and others not only require purchasing expensive hardware, but also rope you into multi-year contracts.

With the rise of cloud surveillance companies like Dropcam and CamioCam, the demand for simple and cheap cloud monitoring is becoming more present. However, there is still a great deal of work to be done for such services to truly meet the requirements of most users. For more information on how these services differ and compare with our service, please read our Dropcam and CamioCam Exposed blog.

Our DriveHQ cloud “backbone” technology along with the head-start we have had on these providers has enabled us meet the rising needs within the market before anyone else. Up to this point in the cloud monitoring industry, it seemed as though you had to choose between either price, functionality, or flexibility. The available services either restricted the devices/parameters available, roped you into hefty contracts, or provided substandard technology that simply did not meet your requirements.

CameraFTP has prided itself on the service flexibility and lowest available prices without contract. Unlike any service currently available, CameraFTP allows you to use any ip/network camera, smartphone or webcam and download mobile apps from any ios/android/windows phone. CameraFTP gives you the only cloud monitoring option without paying for a high premium, boggling down your Internet connection, and without being locked by a proprietary device / service.

Starting May 1, CameraFTP will be taking the cloud surveillance to the next level by supporting live video and audio. Your service can still be determined selecting your cameras specific parameters and linking through your defined folders; it should also be noted that the service prices will not alter in any way after the service upgrade is made.