Welcome To DriveHQ

Who we are

DriveHQ was founded right here in the Silicon Valley more than 11 years ago; many years before our competitors opened up shop. Remaining profitable and privately funded, DriveHQ has maintained a small 2.5 million user base focusing primarily on enterprise solutions.

What we do

As cloud services become a commodity for businesses who want true collaboration and sharing features, so does the need for a provider that can provide both the technology and security, all while giving the usability of a consumer solution. DriveHQ is dedicated to providing a complete cloud IT solution to enterprises who value high-end technology and cloud features.

The Team

DriveHQ would not be possible without the incredible people that build our technologies and support our clients.

John Zhang Founder & CEO

I believe the key to best managing a team is not managing them

Alex Reynolds Director & CTO

The Cloud Is The Limit

Matt Federighi Marketing Director

I Can't Think Of Anything Clever..

Sean Zhang Engineering Director

Let's Build Something New

Chris Washburn Support Manager

I can help you with that

David Gonzales Graphic Designer

Animation is magic!


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