Becoming A DriveHQ Reseller

DriveHQ offers a wider variety of reseller solutions with a profit margin far beyond that of most cloud service providers. As the cloud service industry has gained traction over the past few years, so has the intrigue in reselling these cloud services. Many providers, however, offer only a single product/service, making it nearly impossible to create a truly profitable reseller solution.

The only true obstacle to overcome when reselling with DriveHQ is determining the reseller model that best fits your needs. Many prospective resellers are eager to jump head first into a White Label reseller model without knowing exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Let us then start this post off by giving a quick summary of our available reseller models:

Instant Reseller Model: By far the easiest to both setup and manage; not to mention it offers the highest potential profit margin. This is essentially an extended version of our Enterprise service. After purchasing a large amount of storage at a discounted rate (discount depending on initial size), you will have the ability to create your clients’ account directly from your Group Admin tool. You will of course have the ability to customize your logo and landing page.

For an example of an Instant Reseller site, visit:

CoBranded Reseller Model: Our most popular model, and requires very little work with your own IT team (general understanding of HTML will be helpful). This is a relatively standard reseller setup: your clients will visit your reseller site and sign up for their account/subscription directly (unlike the Instant Reseller model where you manually create the user accounts). While the profit margin does not match that of the Instant Reseller model, the CoBranded model involves no work by the admin to create individual accounts.

You will notice when you sign up for a CoBranded or White Label plan, you will first have to choose between three different reseller template options. You can view these templates at any time at:

White Label Reseller Model: Almost identical to our CoBranded model in functionality, though this will require an IT team of your own to work on the site customization. Because this service requires a separate website, configuring a domain, allocating a static IP address, and installing a SSL certificate, it will be a bit more expensive than the CoBranded. Also note that white label will require an additional setup fee, maintenance fee and initial deposit.

The plan you choose dictates the discount (i.e. commission rate) you will get on our standard service prices. E.g.: Level 2 Plan has an annual fee of $100 and you will receive a 24% discount on all subscriptions ordered by your customers. IF you keep your prices the same as DriveHQ, your commission will be exactly the same as the discount rate. However, you do have the freedom to set your own prices. If they’re lower than DriveHQ, your profit will decrease and your competitiveness will increase; if they are higher, then your profit increases as your competitiveness decreases.

Once you’ve determined the plan that best fits your needs, you should create a free account with DriveHQ. You will want to contact a sales professional to startup an Instant reseller or White Label plan, but those interested in CoBranded can simply select “Become a Reseller” when logged on and get started immediately.