DriveHQ is Turning 10

Being among the oldest Cloud IT providers still in the game, one of the biggest concerns of our users is that we will become fixed in traditions while new companies present new trendy technology. It is our pleasure to ensure these heedful users that DriveHQ is not only going to continue offering new and competitive features, but we are growing like we never have before. It is true that DriveHQ has been around since most of our competitors had their training wheels. With our expanding team and user count, we are putting in the hours to do what it takes in order to offer the most advanced services with top quality support for a competitive price. The DriveHQ team is thrilled to be running and stronger than ever after a decade of dedicated service, and looks forward to the next ten.

Around this time we are reminded of the DriveHQ beginning, and how different the start-up was in our “our day,” compared with how most of our competitors made their mark. DriveHQ was started by IT veterans who were devoted to getting DriveHQ up and running without the help of capital funding or sponsors. That’s not to say we couldn’t have used the $256 million of Dropbox or the $309 million of Box; but our founders were concerned more with building a stronger foundation in their technology than their competitors and fell behind as other have attracted users with marketing fluff. In light of the talk about how DriveHQ is always advancing and thinking of ways to please our users, here are just a few of the many features that are coming to our loyal DHQ users.

File Locking

File Locking is a feature that will become instrumental to businesses that have several users compiling information on a specific file. In the past, if two users had a single file open on different computers at the same time, the last person to save will overwrite the changes of the first person to save & close the file. This produced a problem, as the changes of the first person to save were simply lost. With the new File Locking feature in the same situation, the second user would receive a notification that marked the file as "locked." When you see this notification, you simply utilize file versioning or copy over the changes made since you last opened the file. Overwriting is still an option if that is actually the task you wish to perform. Many of our basic members may be scratching their heads, but this should put an end to a great deal of frustration with larger accounts.

Online Backup 6.0

Our backup service has always been a feature that we at the DriveHQ team have been quick to brag about. However, up until now it has been geared towards personal computer recovery. Online Backup 6.0 revolutionizes the way IT and office managers maintain their backup system; as it will be possible to perform each of your user backups through a single account. The system could not be designed with any greater simplicity. Through the group admin tool you can control backup schedules to and from each individual user. Another feature that will soon become of use to small business users is active directory integration; which will direct map a main account to your DriveHQ account.

New Homepage Layout

Our laundry list of renovations and additions will be topped off with a completely revamped homepage layout that will be easier to navigate, more professional, and most importantly tailored to suit our small business users. I did what I could to coax our developers into letting me post a sneak peak, but I think breaking into Fort Knox would be a less daunting task. But be ready, because this homepage will be here within the month along with a variety of other updates to our services.

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