DriveHQ For Enterprises

User Name: Aaron

I work on the board of directors at an equipment manufacturer. There are over 20,000 employees and about 25 branch offices. Obviously, there’s going to be quite a bit of data if we need that many employees, so we needed to find a service that would allow us to share large quantities of data with a large number of clients. The first step was finding a service that would allow us to quickly and as cost efficiently as possible create as many user accounts. Not only that, but we needed a lot of control over those accounts; some of the employees are higher up the ladder than others, and needed the ability to set permissions, create subgroups, etc. We found that in DriveHQ.

We have over 1,000 suppliers and partners, so managing what data goes where was difficult. Before we switched to DriveHQ, we were with another popular cloud provider. The move to switch became obvious, however, when their servers repeatedly failed and we were stuck, even unable to meet certain deadlines because we had no access to the data when the servers went down. Even though being unable to send important data sounds bad, nothing was as embarrassing as this one time when we went to share a file with a potential client using our old service, and the file was too big for our client’s account, and they walked away because they didn’t want to pay for extra cloud storage space just for this one document. In over a year with DriveHQ, we have not experienced any issues with accessing our data (or sharing it).

So far, the switch has come with a lot of hidden benefits. With so many employees, paying more than $100 per user is absurd–which we were doing for more than two years. By only having to pay $6 per user with DriveHQ, everything else now seems absurd by comparison. So this switch greatly reduced our annual expenses. Additionally, our efficiency has gone through the roof in the last year since we made the switch. After remaining stagnant in terms of revenue growth for the past five years, we saw a major boost after the switch in the past three or four financial quarters. I’d say that we’re now a much safer, more efficient, and overall better company because of DriveHQ.