DriveHQ For Small-Medium Sized Businesses

User Name: Sherry

I own a retail chain with three locations across central California. Managing all that data, especially from three different sources, was really a challenge. I employ over 60 workers and in total, we have about 100GB. Emailing files back and forth and using USB drives was proving to be an inefficient, as well as unsafe, system. So I hired an IT team, and we discussed our options. Admittedly, I was ready to set up our own VPN. It would have been expensive, and a bit complicated, but it would have gotten the job done. Instead, my team recommended I simply look at purchasing the services offered by a cloud provider. And boy, were they ever right.

My primary concern was security. I can’t say how many times I’ve had a manager come in with the problem that one of their workers lost a USB drive, or accidentally sent sensitive documents to the wrong email address. That’s money out of the company’s pocket, and it’s bad for the company’s image to lose or misplace important data like that.

DriveHQ turned out to be the cloud provider I was looking for. Despite having three different locations, I can access any file from any location because DriveHQ’s cloud-service works anywhere–I didn’t have to buy servers at every location! While I have to admit that sounded insecure, the Online Backup feature quickly won me over. I haven’t had to worry about a security issue or lost data in months!

The added bonus of having CameraFTP pushes this service over the top, however. Every three years or so, I like to update the companies hardware–this includes all employee phones. In 2010, I purchased all of my employees the iPhone 4. However, last year, it was apparent that those phones were out of date, so we switched to the Samsung Galaxy S4. But that didn’t put an end to the usefulness of the old iPhones, with CameraFTP, not only do I now an efficient security monitoring system, but also I saved myself from spending on really expensive cameras because I can turn the old iPhones into security cameras. They’re also constantly uploading data to the cloud so if someone breaks one of the cameras, I don’t have to worry about finding a way to retrieve the data–its already in the cloud! DriveHQ has given me confidence in my security that just two years ago I would never have dreamed possible. Thank you DriveHQ team!