How To Create An Enterprise Backup Solution

Setting up a backup task for an individual account or computer is usually a very simple process. However, Backups can become quite complicated to setup for large enterprises because of the continuous activity happening on individual computers. Previously, the common solution for this was to save data to an external or NAS device, but this made you vulnerable to common issues that are posed with local backup solutions.

You could back this up to the cloud, though you’ve then placed yourself in a position where you are paying for two separate backup solutions. Not to mention, if you have an additional storage, ftp, or hosting solution, you now have to keep track of the separate services.

Luckily, DriveHQ allows you to put these worries behind you by supplying a complete suite of cloud IT solutions. Backup solutions offered by most cloud services require a local connection to view the backup tasks or make any changes. If you have read our enterprise backup blog, you are already familiar with the remote management backup feature offered by DriveHQ. In reality, creating “an effective enterprise backup solution”, means having manageability over much more than a stand-alone backup solution.

So what else makes DriveHQ a “true” enterprise backup solution? As we have improved our cloud service over the past decade, we are constantly thinking of ways to stand out when it comes to enterprise service. Our backup solution is no exception, as we offer an array of features that make managing your tasks just that much easier:

No extra charge for multiple computers – Tasks created on different computers are associated with different source computers. You can restore files on a new PC, or migrate backup tasks to a new PC. There is no extra charge to install DriveHQ Online Backup software or use our service on many computers

Better performance with incremental backup, data compression and MagicUpload – Our incremental backup only backs up the changed files or new files, saving both time and storage space. It also compresses data for better upload/download speed. DriveHQ’s MagicUpload technology can dramatically increase your upload speed in certain cases.

Restore old file versions – In the event of accidental deletion or overwrite, you can “travel back in time” and restore the old versions. By default, DriveHQ Online Backup keeps up to 10 versions, though you can customize this through your account. If your files are never changed, they will have only one version.

In short, DriveHQ has made creating an enterprise backup solution as painless as possible for those in charge of managing multiple tasks. After your tasks have been established locally, you will immediately be able to logon to your account and view/manage the tasks that were setup under your group.