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Data backup and disaster recovery are crucial to businesses of any size. This newsletter will reveal how DriveHQ’s Enterprise Online Backup solution is superior to other cloud storage/cloud backup services. Providers such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and OneDrive do not offer true cloud backup service; and very few companies offer enterprise online backup service.

Online Storage and Folder Sync are not True Online Backup

“True" online backup means a service that can automatically backup your files to the cloud. You can create multiple backup tasks to backup many folders at different schedules. A true backup must support file versioning; the backup data must be retained permanently unless explicitly deleted by the users. Deleting of the source files should not cause the backup data to be deleted.

Obviously, a web browser-based online storage service cannot automatically backup your files. Many users employ folder sync as a backup solution. While such services can automatically sync data from your computer to the cloud, they do not offer the same level of protection as online backup. For example, if you delete a file, folder sync will automatically delete the synced file as well; this defeats the purpose of data backup.

Enterprise Online Backup vs. Consumer Online Backup

Enterprise backup is optimized for companies with many employees and computers. While consumer online backup services focus on cheap and easy, enterprise online backup services need to be easy, sophisticated, and capable of scaling to hundreds or thousands of computers and users. Companies cannot let employees backup business data to the cloud by themselves. They need full control, which means enforcing backup policies, monitoring backup task status, and controlling all accounts with the backed-up data.

DriveHQ Online Backup is a True Enterprise Backup Solution

  • Ease, Flexibility, and Security

    DriveHQ’s easy-to-use online backup software supports all regular backup features. In addition, it supports client-side encryption, which is more secure than any server-side encryption technologies used by Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, etc.; it supports multiple backup tasks with different schedules; it can backup external/network drives and servers.

  • Group Backup Service with Active Directory Integration

    DriveHQ's Group Account service supports multiple levels of sub-groups and can easily scale to tens of thousands of employees. The cloud accounts can be integrated with existing AD domain accounts.

  • Monitor and Manage Online Backup Tasks Remotely

    Our remote task management feature has revolutionized the way admins manage numerous backup tasks on numerous computers. Admins now can remotely monitor and manage backup status on all computers. Say goodbye to the arduous task of setting up, checking and managing tasks on different computers – simply check your backup list to see if any backup tasks need attention.

Another big advantage of DriveHQ Online Backup is its seamless integration with DriveHQ's one-stop cloud IT service. Majority of businesses need more than just online backup, but rather a complete cloud solution that includes cloud file server, sharing and collaboration, folder sync, FTP, email and web hosting, etc. With so many enterprise features for only $6/user/year + storage charge, DriveHQ can be your one-stop shop for all cloud needs.

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