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You've probably heard that DriveHQ offers many cloud features that are optimized for business. In this newsletter, we will focus on DriveHQ's flagship FileManager software and why it is superior to other cloud storage products.

Many popular cloud services are based on folder sync, which is only optimized for consumers.

When you have many users, folder sync services require syncing your business data to each user's computer, which is inefficient, insecure, and hard to manage. Please visit our blog for more info about Consumer Folder Sync Will Ruin Your Business.

DriveHQ FileManager can bridge cloud and local storage without folder sync

DriveHQ FileManager changes the way you think about cloud solutions:

  • With a similar interface to Windows Explorer or Mac Finder, it can access cloud files and local files without the need to sync. With two panes showing both local and cloud, you can manage cloud files just like local files by directly opening and saving from FileManager.
  • FileManager also allows you to share folders to many users with different permissions, create static links to folders/files, and encrypt your data using client side encryption.
  • FileManager is extremely efficient and reliable. It can compress your data for faster upload/download; it supports automatic resuming for uploading/downloading very large files.

FileManager also has a powerful, secure and efficient sync feature optimized for business

If you need folder sync, DriveHQ FileManager is vastly more powerful than other sync solutions:

  • You are not limited to a single special folder such as "Dropbox" or "Google Drive". You can sync any local folder with any cloud folder;
  • It supports multiple sync tasks with multiple schedules;
  • It supports one-way and two-way sync tasks;
  • It can filter certain files / folders from being synced using wildcard file/folder names;
  • It can sync network drives, external drives and files in multiple accounts.
In short, DriveHQ FileManager offers more quality features and better security, reduces storage and bandwidth usage, and permits complete admin control over business data.

Your business IT system is crucial, so choosing the right service provider is extremely important. No matter how low the storage price is, folder sync solution is just not optimized for business. So why risk your business with a folder sync solution? With over a decade of experience, the most mature business cloud IT features and the lowest user license price, you know that DriveHQ will be here for many years to come.

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