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WebDAV Drive Mapping: The Easiest Way to Access Cloud Storage

Due to the rise of consumer cloud services like Dropbox, browser-based and folder sync solutions have widely been thought to be the easiest for cloud storage. This is not true. A mapped drive allows you to directly access your cloud files through Windows Explorer or Mac Finder without taking up any local storage or waiting for files to be synced. No other cloud storage solution can match the ease-of-access offered by a mapped drive.

Download the WebDAV drive mapping

WebDAV is Enterprise Ready, Folder Synchronization is Not

Enterprises have long used drive mapping with file servers. DriveHQ’s WebDAV Solution exposes the same interface and functionality as your file server or access control system. This means migrating to DriveHQ’s cloud service will be very smooth. Your employees will not require any retraining; they can continue using software that they are familiar with, such as MS Office, Acrobat, PhotoShop, etc., all while enjoying the advantages offered by a cloud-based system.

Cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox require employees to adapt to new methods of accessing their files – this does not work for enterprises with large number of users. Accessing files using a web browser is inefficient; using folder sync will spread data everywhere, not only wasting bandwidth and storage space, but also making access control virtually impossible in a multi-user environment.

Discover the Best WebDAV Solution

Most of our competitors cannot support WebDAV, and for the few that do, the service quality varies dramatically. In fact, WebDAV service is infamously problematic and inefficient when it comes to using MS Office and large files. Having long file paths or special characters in the file/folder name could also render the file/folder inaccessible. Because of the numerous issues, WebDAV has failed to gain popularity in business settings. Fortunately, with our decade of research and development, DriveHQ has resolved most of these inherent issues.

While there are clear advantages to using WebDAV for end users and consumers, IT professionals and business owners benefit more from the powerful user and security management features that are not available with folder sync solutions. The following features further differentiate our service from other WebDAV services:

  • Preconfigure cloud folders for sub-users to map, making it effortless for sub-users.
  • Users can map multiple cloud folders and choose different drives to map each folder to;
  • Share multiple folders with different permissions, allowing sub-users to map to different folders.
  • Users can be grouped into nested subgroups. User administration can be delegated to subgroup admins.
  • For enterprises that use Active Directory domains, we support AD Integration and Single-Sign-On (SSO). User accounts can be imported into our system in batch, or transparently created at first use.

A True Cost-Saving Cloud Solution for Businesses

Cloud service has been advertised to save cost for businesses. However, the cloud storage services for business from Dropbox, Box and Google Drive are never a low cost solution. What’s more, such services cannot replace your local file server, as they are simply syncing to your local device without the broad range of file server features, thus they add more to your existing costs. On the contrary, DriveHQ’s WebDAV solution is not only priced lower, it can also completely replace your file server, thus offering a true cost-saving solution for businesses.

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