10 Oct

DriveHQ Bundled Plans

Within the cloud service industry, most providers are judged exclusively on how cheap they can provide standad cloud storage. With providers endlessly competing over raw storage prices, we are quickly seeing the price of storage drop to zero.

18 Sep

DHQ At Techcrunch Disrupt

Though our eleven years of experience in the cloud industry prevented us from qualifying for the startup battlefield, DriveHQ team members had a blast visiting with the founders of such incredibly innovative startups.

4 Aug

CameraFTP Updates: Virtual Security System

Last May, CameraFTP released its Virtual Security System, which functions by turning your computer into a complete online DVR system.

12 June

DriveHQ Cloud-to-Cloud Backup

When businesses initially adopt cloud-based services, they usually keep their in-house systems. DriveHQ's cloud IT solution is designed to replace local servers with our cloud services. This being said, many businesses . .

10 Apr

Avoiding The Heartbleed Bug

As an enterprise cloud solution provider, security within our system and of our clients' data is of top prority. On Monday, April 7, a severe security bug affecting many popular e-commerce users. . .