Bad News Google - Androids Future Looks Forked

I've said many times: Google is an innovation killer. Because of its monopoly on search, Google can afford to give Android free to Asian manufacturers to compete with other U.S. companies such as Apple and Microsoft. In doing so, it also gave away other companies' patented technologies. Google's practice is anti-competitive and anti-America. If all software technologies should be open source and free, then U.S. will be the single largest loser in the world and countries like China, India, South Korea will be extremely happy. The smartphone shipments in China is already 150% higher than in U.S., and it will be 3 to 4 times higher in the next few years. With all great innovations in U.S., the market share for U.S. smartphone companies is less than 10% (in China).

Ironically, Google does not benefit from it. Android phones in China cannot access Google's services; Amazon's Kindle uses Microsoft's Bing as the default search engine; 80% of Android OEMs pay Microsoft for Android licenses; Samsung's Android market share is over 50%.

If iPhone owns 100% market share, and assume Google powers the search for iPhone, then it could have made far more money than now.

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