Why Microsoft and Intel are Leading the DOW Today

When HP launched Chromebooks and Android tablets, Microsoft bashers were so happy. Now HP is sinking even faster.

Meg Whitman is clueless: Google is a Trojan horse in the software, device and service industry. Their free software or service is like a drug, eventually will kill HP - because Google does not need any revenue from software, hardware or service, as long as it has a monopoly on search.

Chromebook is web-based. It cannot do anything better than a PC, and it has much fewer features, it limits your choice as you are only allowed to use web based apps, you cannot use any competing browsers, and most of PC peripheral devices won't work.

Now, the real killing part is, instead of creating more values like Apple and Microsoft do, Android / Chromebook is competing on "rush to the bottom", with devices selling for only $299 or even lower. Whether Google charges license fee or not, the profit margin will be much smaller than a full-blown laptop.

What's even worse, if a laptop is merely a web browser, then it completely defeats the purpose of buying a high-end laptop, or upgrade to a faster laptop. When that happens, Chomebook manufacturers will quickly lose momentum. (Intel will also suffer!) By embracing Chromebook, the PC OEMs are killing themselves slowly. I guess they just realized they are doomed in anyway.

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