Emily Kulish

If You Can't Beat Them, Join Them : Point.io Connects the Sync and Share Vendors

If you cannot beat them? It is hard to fight a truly innovative competitor. However, companies like Dropbox, Box and Egnyte are no longer innovative. Their focus is to create more hype and raise more VC money. Just compare their features with DriveHQ, and you will be wondering what they have been doing in the last 3 years, in particular, with so much VC money they have raised. Today, Dropbox, Box and Egnyte have a small fraction of DriveHQ’s features, yet they have all rushed to raise their service price, Dropbox has just raised their business service price from $125/user/year to $180/user/year; Box unveiled its enterprise service at $420/user/year. Egnyte used to charge dirty cheap price such as $400/year for 1TB storage, now is charging $180/user/year and $129/month for 1TB storage.

So can you beat them? Many tech editors feel they are winning the market. But business customers don’t think so. Cloud service was designed to save cost and hassle for businesses, but at $180/user/year – it is creating more burden for businesses – heck, it is more expensive than old bad Microsoft. That is why DriveHQ is winning business customers from them: more features, better services, at $6/user/year. You cannot find a reason not to choose DriveHQ if you are looking for business cloud service.

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