Snowden's Privacy Tips: "Get Rid Of Dropbox," Avoid Facebook And Google

While we are getting a little tired of hearing the former NSA intelligence contractor Snowden mention SpiderOak as solid alternative to popular cloud services like Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc. That said, his positioning when it comes to encryption is right on point - the large portion of existing cloud providers do not support any form of data encryption, and when they do it is usually limited to server-side encryption. What many users do not understand about server-side encryption is that the data you upload both encrypted and decrypted by the server (owned by the provider). This means company employees can surely still access your material, since the data is decrypted by the server, not by you. This is why users need to look for providers like DriveHQ which offer client-side encryption; this allows users to set an encryption key BEFORE the data is sent to the server. When downloaded, the decryption can only take place when the user enters this key. Client-side encryption not only makes it impossible for DriveHQ employees to see your data, but also makes it impossible for hackers to access in the event our servers are attacked.

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