CloudHQ Helps Understand and Problem-solve Dropbox Security

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Unsurprisingly, cloudHQ joins those who suggest that Dropbox is a very simple and powerful tool, but also one that business users need to be cautious of. CloudHQ brings up several security vulnerabilities that arise when using Dropbox as the cloud solution for your business.

CloudHQ proposes that the solution to Dropboxs' security shortcomings is to combine it with cloudHQ AND encryption service Credeon. The solution works as follows:

  • Since Dropbox does not offer any sort of encrypted protection, cloudHQ recommends that Credeon be deployed as a special folder for those documents on Dropbox which you want encrypted (note: this only offers client-side encryption).
  • Credeon is only effective in solving the one security vulnerability, but when it comes to malicious or accidentald data deletion, cloudHQ must also be thrown into the mix. CloudHQ acts as a realtime backup so that in the event of an accidental deletion, you will still have the ability to recover to a specific date.

The proposition offered by cloudHQ not only requires that you pay for three separatae serives, but also creates an exhausting multi-step process just to ensure your online files are not at risk. Moreover, any sensible business looking to improve their cloud security will surely not choose a solution that involves two additional providers handling their sensitive data.

In an ideal world, businesses would be able to trust their data to a single cloud service provider that is capable of not only fulfilling all security requirements, but also giving admins complete control over user permission and collaboration management. Choosing DriveHQ as your enterprise cloud provider will give you the ability to consolidate a number of services, greatly improving your online security. DriveHQ enterprise features include a remote file server, online storage, online backup, ftp/email/web hosting, group management/collaboration, WebDAV drive mapping, active directory integration, true drop box services, and much more. Click here to read more about the advantages of choosing DriveHQ over popular cloud storage providers.